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The peripheral nervous system is composed of the nerves that connect our brain and spinal cord to the rest of our body. These nerves give us the ability move and sense the world around us by sending and receiving signals from our skin, muscles, and other tissues. Common issues that can affect the function of the peripheral nerve include compression syndromes, stretching, crushing, and traumatic tears. When these sensory and motor nerves are injured, patients often experience symptoms such as pain, numbness, weakness, or paralysis.

Our reconstructive hand surgeons help patients with peripheral nerve problems by understanding the whole picture. Their goal is to restore the function that was impaired or lost as a result of the nerve problem. Our doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nerve conditions. To ensure optimal function is restored, our surgeons provide prompt treatment and utilize state-of-the-art techniques to offer the most effective procedures possible.

Nerve conditions can often be improved with non-surgical therapies and treatments, but this will ultimately be determined during an appointment with one of our experienced physicians. Surgery will only be recommended if the nerve problem does not respond to more conservative treatment, or in situations where surgery offers the best possible outcome. To learn about common nerve-related conditions and the treatments our doctors may recommend for each, click on the links below.

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